Spring Meeting Minutes 2015


April  18, 2015

Officers Present: Lad McKenzie, President,  Kathy Gibson, Vice President,  Bob Pollack, Treasurer, Darcy Knapp, Secretary.  Our hosts were Bob & Mary Anne Pollack.

President’s Report

Lad McKenzie called the meeting to order at 2 PM at the home of Bob & Mary Anne Pollack.  Lad McKenzie expressed thanks to Bob & Mary Anne for hosting the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Bob Pollack reported that the Club’s checking account  balance as of 4/21/12 is $6,566.  Bob noted that the club did not have any income other than dues last year.  A complete listing of income and disbursements will be available upon request.

Secretary’s Report

There were no corrections to the Fall 2014 meeting minutes and were accepted as published. A request was made for updated pictures for the club’s web page. Linda McKenzie reminded members to send her car/event pictures for the 2016 calendar.


Lad acknowledged thank you letters from the Schenectady YWCA for our donations of personal products, the VA for the gift card donations and Nancy Uber sent the Thank you card from donations provided.

CTCI News –  The Early Bird website is now linked appropriately to CTCI and Hemmings Websites. Regionals/Nationals locations discussed for the 2016/2016 seasons. No locations are within driving distance for our club.
Old Business – None
New Business –  The following Calendar of Events 2015 – with plenty of room for more!

Saturday  May 9th  Dust Off to Maple on the Lake (Hofbrau)  A Cruise to Food

Saturday  May 16th Saratoga Museum Show

Monday  June 8th Guptill’s Car Show – 2nd Mon. June thru Sept.

Saturday  June 12th  Lanzi’s on the Lake –Bob & Mary Anne Pollack, Chair

Saturday  July 11th   Summer Picnic – Nancy & Dave Uber, Chair

Monday    July 13th Guptill’s Car Show

Saturday  *September 12 Great Escape Display – F.Hardick, Chair

Saturday     *September 19 Rain date for Great Escape

Sunday     * November 1st  Fall Meeting 1:00 Darcy & John’s


Ladd thanked the members for attending. Meeting was adjourned. A delicious Ham dinner was served and Frank Hardick’s car got a free ride home with AAA after dinner.


Darcy Knapp, Club Secretary