CTCI Free Test Drive

CTCI is happy to announce a Free Test Drive offer for the balance of the 2020 calendar year. With more of us sticking close to home, this is a great way for you to become a part of CTCI and get the great tech tips and virtual assistance with your Thunderbird that you always wanted! 

As a member you will also receive valuable CTCI organizational updates the CTCI Board sends out, via constant contact, keeping you informed about our efforts to enhance the future of your organization. You can also get information on the CTCI Concours Regional and International events and learn how CTCI can help promote your local Chapter events. 

Check out the new CTCI website, get great tech tips, promote your local Chapter in Around the Aviary, Submit your car for “On The T-bird Trail” and start connecting with other CTCI members near and far!

Your membership for 2020 will include the Nov/Dec issue of the Early Bird Magazine, CTCI Tech Tips, updates on CTCI Regional and International events, and in-person interactions with CTCI members across the country!

From tech tips, to local events and parts for sale, your Thunderbird will benefit from your CTCI membership! CTCI hopes that you enjoy your Test Drive Membership and that you decide to stick around as a member for 2021 and beyond!


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